5 Ways to Change Background Color and Image of All Pages in Google Chrome

Google Chrome browser has been one of the most popular internet browsers in a short period, meanwhile, widescreen monitors are used by most of those who are using desktop computer as the device for internet surfing, most monitors have a resolution higher than 1280×1024 pixels, some of us are using 1920×1200, 1920×1080, 1680×1050. But most websites are still designed to suitable for the resolution of 1024×768, including Google, FaceBook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Amazon, Yahoo, MSN, EBay, Craigslist, LinkedIn, Paypal, as well as diggfreeware.com, they leave big blank white space on both sides of your monitor, the white space is blinding to our eyes and makes us uncomfortable! So, how to change the background colour, background image of all web pages in Google Chrome? Here’s how.

First, please update your Chrome to latest version, if you do not have Chrome installed on your computer then you could download the latest stable version of Google Chrome standalone installer.

5, Change Colors

This is a Google Chrome extension, it allows users to change web pages fonts, web pages colors( background color, text color, links color, visited links color ), show or hide images / flash objects, you could apply override on current page / current domain / all pages. It also supports keyboard shortcuts.

However, it does not support changing background image, and a lot of images will vanish after overriding.

4, Webpage Decorator

It is another Chrome extension that allows a user to customize the following properties of a web page: background color, background image, links colour, text color, font size, font family. It also allows you to hide foreground images, as well as flash and silverlight media.

Cons: Webpage Decorator does not support applying changes to all domains.

3, Chrome Pig

Chrome Pig has many useful features, including mouse gestures, opening current URL in IE, allowing right click, taking screenshot, webpage style customization, etc.

2, Personalized Web

This Google Chrome extension allows you inject any html / CSS / JavaScript code to any websites have an URL that matches the rule you specified.

How to add a rule: input chrome://extensions/ in your Chrome address bar and press enter, Enable Personalized Web and then click “Options”, hit the “Add new rule” button, then add the following line to the edit box after “ADD CSS” :

Upload an image to your online album and change the URL of background image to your own. Hit the “Save” button and exit.

You can also change the background color by replacing the above line with the following line:

1, Use User StyleSheets

Add this switch to your Chrome shortcut: -enable-user-stylesheet, this will create a folder named “User StyleSheets” and a file named “Custom.css” in your Chrome’s user profile directory, In Windows 7, the default location of chrome profile folder is: C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data. In Windows XP, the default location of chrome profile folder is:C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data.

Open the file “Custom.css” with your favorite text editor, add the following line to it and save:

Replace the above line with the following line to set background color to grey:

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