5 Free DVD Ripper You Should Not Miss

The DVD ripping field is a crowded one, today I’ll bring you Five DVD Ripper freeware, they are sometime better than those with price tags attached, I highly recommend you give them a try.

1, DVDSmith Movie Backup

Freeware to rip DVD to hard drive( Windows 7/XP & Mac )

DVDSmith Movie Backup comes with built-in decryption algorithms and can copy full DVD disc or just the main movie to local hard drive according to your demand, you can use it to make high quality backup copies of your favorite DVD movies, it supports Mac OS X and Windows 7.

2, HandBrake

Free DVD ripping software for Windows/Mac OS X/Linux

HandBrake is a cross platform DVD ripping freeware, supports Windows/Mac OS X/Linux, including 64bit Windows 7 system. HandBrake is open source, it’s fully customizable, audio and video syncs nicely.

3, VidCoder

VidCoder is an alternative to handbrake[ DVD ripper freeware ]

VidCoder has all the functions that HandBrake has, and gives you a better user experience, it supports multiple processors and multi-thread, and supports pause and resume encoding.

4, DVDShrink

DVD ripper freeware

DVD Shrink is a free dvd ripping software that could backup DVD video disc for you, it could save your favorite movie to local harddisk, then even if your dvds are scratched, you can play the backuped video with VLC, KMPlayer or other video players, or burn them to a DVD disc with your favorite cd/dvd burning software!

5, Next DVD Ripper

NDR - another free dvd ripper software

With NDR it’s a piece of cake to save your dvds to your computer, it allows your rip dvds to MPEG / VOB / MP4 / AVI / WMV / VCD / H.264 / MOV / 3GP / FLV files, then you could play your movies via your favorite players or devices such as PSP / PS3 / iPod / iPhone / XBox360.

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