5 Free Amazon S3 Client Software

Amazon S3 — short for Amazon Simple Storage Service, is an inexpensive and reliable online storage service powered by Amazon corporation, every file hosted on Amazon S3 is stored on multiple devices redundantly, you only need to pay for the storage and bandwidth you’ve used, the price is very low, almost every internet users can afford for it, this makes it an ideal space to save your backed up files.

You can access your Amazon S3 storage with any web browser like Opera, Chrome, FireFox, however, it’s apparent that you should get an Amazon S3 client program if you want to boost your productivity. Here is a list of some free Amazon S3 client software, read through and pick out the one you like.

1, CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3

5 Free Amazon S3 Client Software: CloudBerry Explorer

CloudBerry Explorer is a free Windows application, you can use it to create a new bucket, delete an existing bucket, create / copy / move / delete / rename a folder, drag and drop files between Amazon S3 and your local hard drive, sync files one direction or both direction, view the property of a selected object and change the permission of it( full control, read, write, read acp, write acp ).

CloudBerry Explorer provides you the option to access your Amazon S3 storage via SSL connection, and allows to upload a file larger than 5 GB with chunking. Some features such as encryption and folder comparison is only available in the professional version.

CloudBerry Explorer works on most common Windows platforms such as Windows 7, Windows XP, etc, both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported.

Go ahead and download CloudBerry Explorer from cloudberrylab.com or CNET.com.

2, Cyberduck

5 Free Amazon S3 Client Software: Cyberduck

Cyberduck is an open source program that works on both Windows and Mac OS X, it can be used to upload to or download from the cloud, it will help you to synchronize files between remote servers like Amazon S3 / docs.google.com / clouddrive / mirror.switch.ch / cyberduck.ch and your local computer through a wide range of protocols like FTP / SFTP( SSH Secure File Transfer ) / FTP-SSL / WebDAV / S3 / etc, and allows to cap the upload and download bandwidth of Cyberduck when transmitting files, you can visit the developer’s site to view the list of all available features and their descriptions.

Cyberduck is a free download available on http://cyberduck.ch/, CNET( Mac ) and PCWorld( Windows ).

3, Portable S3 Browser

5 Free Amazon S3 Client Software: S3 Browser

Portable S3 Browser is a freeware utility for Windows that can access and manage your buckets and files in Amazon S3, it support large files up to 5 TB, and allows to encrypt your connection with HTTPS, restrict network usage with bandwidth throttling, in addition, it offers you the power to mount your Amazon S3 bucket as a drive with TntDrive( $39.95 ).

You can head over to CNET or http://s3browser.com to download the latest version of S3 Browser.

4, Gladinet Cloud Desktop Starter Edition

Review coming up soon.

Go ahead and download it from CNET or gladinet.com.

5, DragonDisk

Review coming up soon.

You can get it from CNET

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