5 Extensions to Customize/Change the Most Visited Sites to Your Own URLs in Google Chrome Start Page

Opera browser is a sophisticated application that provides you the ability to customize the background image / layout / URLs of the highly customizable speed dial, however, the new tab page of Google Chrome is almost not customizable, it displays a snapshot of 8 most visited sites by default, it does not allow you edit the URL or visited times of each speed dial entry. But it’s a piece of cake to get things done with the help of the five Google Chrome extensions mentioned below:

1, Speed Dial

Change the Start Page of Google Chrome

Speed Dial is, as its name implies, the Google Chrome’s clone of Opera Speed Dial. For each dial, you could customize its title, URL, dial image URL, it comes with dozens of predefined logos: Alexa, Amazon, AOL, Ask, BBC, Bing, Blogger, CNET, CNN, Craigslist, Digg, Ebay, EA Sports, Facebook, Flickr, Gmail, Google, Hulu, IMDB, Last.fm, LifeHacker, LinkedIn, MaqQuest, MSN, Picasa, RapidShare, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Vimeo, Wikipedia, WordPress, Yahoo, etc.

2, Incredible StartPage

Customize the Start Page of Google Chrome

Incredible StartPage is an amazing extension which gives you the power to write down your thoughts in a notepad that can be synced to your Google account, and displays a list of your bookmark items in an album like panel. The theme color, font color, wallpaper is fully customizable.

3, My Start Page

Customize the Start Page of Google Chrome

It allows you add a background image and 28 URLs to Chrome start page.

4, Start!

Customize the Start Page of Google Chrome

This extension allows you add your bookmarks to the start page of Chrome.

5, My Perfect Start

Set the Start Page of Google Chrome

It allows you add 16 favorite web pages, bookmarks shortcuts, notepad, rss feeds, task manager to your Chrome start page.

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