7 Best MD5 checker

Policemen usually use DNA fingerprinting to identify criminals, things are same in computer field, each different file has an unique fingerprint( MD5 hash value ), MD5 checker is the type of software that is used to calculate and verify the MD5 hash value of a specified file or folder. You can use MD5 checker to verify the integrity of an installer you’ve just downloaded from the internet, or compare the files on your work computer with the files on your external backup hard drive. Below are 5 best MD5 checker we’ve chosen for you:

1, MD5Summer( Windows XP, Windows 7 )

MD5summer has been designed to generates and verifies md5 checksums for multiple files or folders, it’s a useful utility for verifying the integrity of your backup files, you can build the MD5 hash value list of the files on your local hard drive, then save the MD5 hash value list as a file, then use it to verify the files on your backup device, such as USB flash disk, external hard drive, DVD-ROM, etc.

Alternatives: RekSFV, FileVerifier++.

2, Marxio File Checksum Verifier ( Windows XP, Windows 7 )

Best free MD5 checker / SHA1 generator software for Windows 7 / Windows XP

MFCV is packed with many practical features not available in other competitor’s products, it’s a versatile and “must have” MD5/SHA1 checker for Windows.

3, HashTab( Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows 7 )

Best MD5/SHA1 hash generator

HashTab is a cross platform MD5/SHA1 checker, it adds a “File Hashes” tab to the file properties dialog, this makes it looks like a built in component of Windows.

4, WinMD5Sum( Windows XP, Windows 7 )

Calculate and verify file checksum with WinMD5Sum

WinMD5Sum supports drag and drop, and allows you send file to it via the context menu.

5, HashMyFiles( Windows XP, Windows 7 )

SHA1 hash generator

HashMyFiles is a small freeware utility that could calculate the MD5 and SHA1 hashes of one or several files for us.You can drag one or more files from the explorer window to HashMyFiles, when you drag a folder into HashMyFiles, it will list all the files in the folder and calculate MD5/SHA1 hashes of them.

6, Best online MD5 and SHA1 generator( Online )

SHA1 Generator

This online utility is hosted on diggfreeware, it can help you to compute the MD5, SHA1, WHIRLPOOL, CRC32, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512 checksum of the string you inputed.

7, All-In-One MD5 & SHA1 Hash Generator for Windows( Windows )

This desktop program supports 96 different hash algorithms, it’s capable of calculating the specific checksum for a text string, a single file or a folder.

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