3 Google Chrome Extensions to Generate MD5 & SHA-1 Hash

As we’ve discussed in the previous post – 5 Ways to Generate Strong and Secure Password, using MD5 hash of a string as your password is a good idea, so we rounded up three Chrome extensions which could make MD5 and SHA1 hash for you.

3 Google Chrome Extensions to Generate MD5 & SHA-1 Hash

The below-listed MD5 hash generators is developed to compute MD5 hash from text string only, if you are hunting for a MD5 / SHA1 checker for files, not for text string, feel free to check out this article: 5 Best MD5 checker.

1, Mindon Jellet

This Javascript Encryption Gadget is developed by mindon, it could calculate the following sorts of cryptographic checksum value for you: MD5, SHA-1, BASE64, DES, AES, SHA-256, SHA-512, PBKDF2, RIPEMD-160, XXTEA.

2, hashr

It supports creating the over 40 types of hash values: MD5, MD4, MD2, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, RIPEMD128, RIPEMD160, RIPEMD256, RIPEMD320, ROT13, DES STD, WHIRLPOOL, TIGER128-3, TIGER160-3, TIGER192-3, TIGER128-4, TIGER160-4, TIGER192-4, SNEFRU, ADLER32, CRC32, CRC32B, HAVAL128-3, HAVAL160-3, HAVAL192-3, HAVAL224-3, HAVAL256-3, HAVAL128-4, HAVAL160-4, HAVAL192-4, HAVAL224-4, HAVAL256-5, HAVAL128-5, HAVAL160-5, HAVAL192-5, HAVAL224-5, HAVAL256-5, HTPASSWD.

3, MD5 Encoder

This is a Chrome extension developed by kamat0z which allows to compute the MD5 / SHA1 cryptographic hash of the string you entered. It also allows to encode and decode data using base64.

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