3 Free AMR Player

AMR( Adaptive Multi-Rate ) is an audio format which is widely used in mobile phones, there exist many audio converters which can convert the AMR format to the most major formats( MP3, WAV, etc. ) used in computer, however, AMR format is not supported by most mainstream music players and multimedia players such as WinAMP, AIMP, foorbar, 1by1, Windows Media Player, GOM Player, UMPlayer, etc, they even do not have a plugin to support that.

1, VLC media player

VLC - Best Free Video and Audio Player that supports AMR format

Beginning with version 1.1.0, AMR format is supported by VLC. VLC is the best multimedia player for pc, it supports almost any video and audio format, and works on Windows, Mac OS X as well as Linux. VLC is open source and the portable version is available from the official website.

2, KMPlayer

KMPlayer is one of the best free media players for Windows, it’s full featured and supports most media formats, a full detailed review about KMPlayer is beyond the scope of this article, it works well with the AMR format.

KMPlayer - Incredible Free All-In-One Multimedia Player

KMPlayer is a 14.64MB download available from CNET.

3, AMR Player

Free AMR player and converter

AMR Player is a free and simple utility dedicated to playing and converting AMR files, it allows to play AMR-NB( Adaptive Multi-Rate NarrowBand ) and AMR-WB( Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband ) audio files and convert from AMR format to MP3/WAV format and vice versa.

AMR Player is a 2.4MB download available from Softpedia and the developer’s website.

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