1. Best Online Image Resizer and Optimizer
2. MD5 Maker is an Free Online MD5 Hash Generator
3. Dual Password Generator
4. Online PNG to ICO & ICO to PNG Converter
5. Customize the Background Color of All Web Pages( FaceBook, CNN, … ) in Opera Browser
6. 6 Free File Splitter and Joiner
7. Lightweight and Portable OGG|WAV|FLAC to MP3 Transcoder
8. Free Portable PSD|PNG to ICO Conversion Software
9. 6 Software to Fix & Repair Internet Connection
10. 6 Best PNG to ICO Converter
11. 3 FLAC to MP3 Converter Freeware
12. 4 Open Source Software to Delete Files Permanently
13. 5 Free Utilities to Remove EXIF/IPTC/XMP MetaData From Images
14. 3 Freeware to Backup and Restore Your MBR
15. Free Open Source Image Viewer and Converter
16. Five Free and Simple GIF Animator Creator
17. 5 Free Amazon S3 Client Software
18. 5 Ways to Synchronize Your Sticky Notes Across Multiple Computers
19. 6 Best Bandwidth Meter Gadgets for Windows 7
20. 7 WordPress Tricks You Probably Don’t Know
21. 5 Password Security Tips and Strategies
22. How to Keep Your Backup Data Absolutely Secure and Safe in the Cloud
23. How to Download Large Files From Your Server to Amazon S3 Directly
24. How to Split Files in Windows and Join the Output Files in Linux
25. How to Run VMware Virtual Machines at a Specific Date and Time
26. Free Open Source MP3/OGG/M4A/FLAC/WAV/WMA/AAC/MP4 Converter
27. 3 Free CHM Reader, CHM Viewer
28. Free Open Source CHM Reader, CHM to HTML Converter
29. Free Open Source Music Player and Converter for Windows, Mac & Linux
30. Free Photo Slideshow Software
31. Free Open Source Software to Hide Files in Image, Audio and Video Files
32. Free Program to Hide Active Windows with Boss Key
33. How to Add Mathematical Symbols and Equations to Your Documents
34. Free Open Source RAR, ZIP, CAB, 7Z, TAR Converter
35. 2 Freeware to Convert Between WAV, FLAC, MP3, ASF, WMA, AAC Files
36. Free Software to Hide Files or Text in JPG|BMP|WAV
37. Free Audio( WAV, FLAC, M4A, MP4, MP3 ) Converter
38. 2 Free Programs to Print Posters on Multiple Pages
39. Free Touch Typing Software
40. Barcode Generator Freeware for Windows
41. Barcode Generator for OpenOffice
42. Freeware to Optimize and Defrag Memory
43. Free Open Source Barcode & QR Code Writer
44. Free Open Source Video and Audio Player
45. Free PDF to Word Converter
46. Free Image( JPG|GIF|PSD|PNG|TGA ) to PDF Converter
47. Save and Restore Desktop Icon Layout the Easy Way
48. Free All-In-One Utility to Scan, Split, Merge, Watermark & Convert PDF Files
49. Free Image( JPEG, GIF, PNG ) Optimizer
50. AlwaysMouseWheel – Enable Mouse Wheel Scrolling in Background Windows
51. Freeware to Remove Empty Directories, Delete Empty Folders
52. Freeware to Save & Restore Desktop Icon Layout
53. Freeware to Hide Files in JPG|WAV
54. Free GIF Animator, GIF Editor & Maker
55. Reset Windows 7 Password Step by Step[ 7 Pics ]
56. Convert Any Audio or Video to MP3 Using KMPlayer
57. Free Open Source QR Code Generator for Windows
58. Portable JPG to PDF Converter Freeware
59. Free PDF to JPG|BMP|PNG|PCX|TIFF Converter
60. Free PDF to JPG|PNG|BMP|GIF|TIF Converter
61. The Best Way to Use Dropbox in Conjunction with TrueCrypt
62. Encrypt Files On The Client-Side Before Uploading To Dropbox
63. Free Open Source PDF Splitter And Merger
64. Free Open Source Audio Converter, Recorder & Player
65. Free Portable Virtual Keyboard, On-Screen Keyboard
66. Free ICO|CUR Creator, Maker & Converter
67. Portable MP3 Cutter Freeware
68. Free Open Source and Portable PNG | GIF | TGA | JPG | BMP | TIF | RAW to ICO Converter
69. Free Open Source and Portable ICO to PNG|BMP Converter, Icon Extractor
70. Free Open Source PDF Splitter/Burster And Merger/Joiner
71. Yet Another Free M4A to MP3 Converter
72. Free Open Source MIDI Composer, Recorder and Editor
73. Free MP3 Joiner and Merger
74. Free Open Source Utility to Read EXT2|EXT3|EXT4 Partitions in Windows
75. Excellent Free Hotkey Utility
76. Freeware to Enable Scrolling the Window Under the Mouse
77. The Most Lightweight MD5 Checker
78. Incredible Lightweight and Portable File Splitter and Joiner
79. Excellent Lightweight Linux Distribution
80. Best Free Duplicate/Similar Image Finder Software
81. Free Program to Schedule Windows Shutdown, Reboot, Lock, Sleep, Log Off
82. Best Free MIDI to MP3|WAV|FLAC|M4A|AMR Converter
83. Free Simple Keylogger and Screen Recording Software
84. Open Source Freeware to Merge PDF Documents
85. Free All-In-One Video/DVD Player Software
86. How to Convert AMR to MP3
87. Free MP3|WAV|WMA Splitter and Extractor, FLV|MP4|M4A|WMA to MP3|FLAC|WAV Converter
88. 3 Free AMR Player
89. Free Open Source Utility to Split MP3 Files into Separate Tracks
90. Qlock – Free Alarm Clock Program for Windows
91. 3 Free Software to Combine, Merge, Split PDF Documents
92. Free Simple AMR Player, AMR to MP3/WAV Converter
93. Free Portable Video Encoder, Converter & Cutter for HDTV / Smartphone / PC
94. XviD4PSP – Free Open Source Video Converter
95. Free Video( AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF… ) to RMVB Converter
96. Free MIDI to MP3 Converter Software
97. Free PDF eBook Reader for Windows/iPad
98. Free Desktop Alarm Clock Utility
99. Free Open Source Alarm Clock Program
100. Free Alarm Clock Software for Windows
101. Free Multi-Clipboard Viewer
102. Freeware to Batch Change File Created Date, Last Modified Date, Last Accessed Date
103. Free Utility to Extract Icons From File
104. Free Portable BMP|JPG|GIF|PNG to ICO Converter
105. Free Icon Extractor, Converter and Maker
106. Best Free Image Editor for Windows, GIF Maker/Creator
107. Free Open Source Diary/Journal Software
108. Free Open Source Password Manager
109. Free Video( AVI, MP4, FLV, SWF… ) to 3GP Converter/Cutter
110. SciPlore – Free Open Source Mind Mapping Software
111. Free Simple Mind Mapping Software
112. Free All-In-One Video/Audio( MP4, MP3, 3GP, AVI… ) Cutter, Joiner, Converter
113. Free Open Source Batch File Renamer
114. Free Keylogger & Security Monitor
115. Free Open Source 2D CAD Software( DXF Viewer & Editor )
116. Free and Simple Video Converter
117. Free All-In-One Video Converter, Cutter, Joiner and Editor
118. Free Portable MP4 to AVI/MPEG Converter
119. 3 Free MP3 Cutter
120. 5 Free FLAC to MP3 Converter
121. Free Video to MP3|M4A|APE|FLAC|WAV|OGG Converter
122. Free Lightweight Text Editor
123. Free AMR / MP3 / 3GP / MP4 / FLV / WMA / WMV Converter & Splitter
124. Free WAV to MP3 Converter, MP3 to WAV Converter
125. How To Calculate The Amount/Sum Of Numbers In All Lines[ UltraEdit Tricks ]
126. Free and Simple Drums Simulator Software
127. Best Free MP3 Player Software for Windows
128. Free Open Source Molecular Modeling Software
129. Free Open Source Video Cutter, Splitter, Joiner & Merger
130. Free and Simple Video(MP4, 3GP, WMV, AVI, FLV ) Splitter / Cutter
131. Free Registry Defrag Software for Windows 7/XP(32 bit & 64 bit )
132. Free and Simple 2D CAD Software( DWG/DXF Editor&Viewer )[ AutoCAD Alternative ]
133. Free 2D CAD Software( DWG Editor )[ AutoCAD Alternative ]
134. Best Free Utility to Combine/Join/Merge MP3 Files
135. 10 Stunning HD Widescreen Wallpapers
136. Free Open Source Schematic & Flowchart Design Software[ Visio Alternative ]
137. Free Archive Expander to Extract RAR, ZIP, ISO, DMG, CHM, CAB, etc.
138. 3 Best Free M4A to MP3/WAV Converter Software
139. Best Free Video to Audio Converter( MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, AAC, etc. )
140. Free Portable File Splitter and Joiner for Windows/Linux
141. Freeware to Extract Audio From Video, MP4/MPEG/FLV/3GP to MP3 Converter
142. UMPlayer – Free Open Source Video Player
143. Chrome/Firefox/IE/Opera/Safari Password Recovery Utility / Password Revealer
144. How to Determine Whether a Website is Reliable
145. Smallest Lightweight Linux Distro & Linux Live CD ISO
146. Download Firefox 4 Final for Windows/Mac/Android/Linux
147. Free and Open Source Software to Extract MSI, EXE, RAR, ZIP, ISO, CAB, CHM, IMG, etc.
148. Critical Warning: Comodo Firewall Does NOT Work on Some Occasion!
149. Free and Open Source File Copy Utility
150. Free and Open Source eBook( EPUB, FB2, CHM ) Reader Software for Windows / Android / Linux
151. Free Large Text/Hex File Editor & Viewer
152. Free and Open Source Registry Editor
153. Free and Open Source Utility to Monitor Folder Changes
154. XVI32 – Free Portable Hex Editor That Supports Large/Huge/Big Files
155. Free and Open Source Registry Snapshot Comparison Software
156. 3 Free Clock Screensavers
157. Change the Created / Modified / Accessed Date and Time of Any File or Folder with Free Portable Software
158. Free and Portable Utility to Wipe Files and Folders Permanently
159. Launch Any Application or Folder From the Run Dialog Box
160. Free Calorie/Nutrition Diet Counter, Planner & Tracker
161. Freeware to Look up Nutritional Value of Corn, Mushrooms, Celery, Beets, Apples, Eggs, Bananas, etc
162. Free Utility to Adjust the Brightness of Monitor
163. How to Configure UltraEdit Integration with WinMerge/KDiff
164. Free Utility to Split, Combine/Merge/Join, Encrypt, Decrypt PDF Files
165. Free Software to Join/Merge/Combine Multiple MP3 Files Into One
166. Best Free Virtual Instruments( Piano, Guitar…) Software
167. Free Registry Cleaner and Fixer
168. Portable Software to Save and Restore Desktop Icon Positions
169. Move Minimize Button, Maximize Button and Close Button to Left Side of Titlebar
170. Best Lightweight Linux Distro
171. Free and Open Source Task Manager
172. Free and Open Source QRCode/EAN-13 Barcode Generator and Decoder & PDF Barcode Reader/Scanner
173. Free and Open Source Fractal Snow Screensaver
174. Free and Open Source Software to Encrypt USB Flash Drive
175. Incredible Free and Open Source Process Hider and File Hider
176. Free and Open Source ASCII Art Generator
177. Free OCR Software to Convert Image/PDF to Text
178. Geany – Free Open Source Text Editor[ UltraEdit Alternative ]
179. HDGraph – Free Software to Analysis, View and Free Up Disk Space in a Pie Chart
180. Free PDF Splitter and Merger
181. GNUPlot – Free 2D/3D Plotting Software
182. Free and Open Source Screenshot Capture Software
183. Free and Open Source Software to Capture Screenshot
184. Free and Open Source Virtual Desktop Manager
185. Free and Open Source QR Code Generator and Reader
186. Synkron – Free File Synchronization and Backup Software
187. SciDAVis – Free Data/Function Plotting Software
188. Partition Logic – Free and Open Source Partition Manager
189. QR Code Generator & Reader/Decoder for Google Chrome
190. Open Source Command Line SHA1/MD5 Checksum Generator
191. Free PCB Layout Software
192. Excellent Portable Random Password Generator & Password Strength Checker
193. Free Random Password Generator / Password Security Checker / Password Strength Calculator
194. Logisim – Free Circuit Schematic Designing and Simulating Software
195. Stunning Free 3D Fractal Generator Software
196. Free and Open Source Barcode & QR Code Reader / Decoder / Scanner
197. Free Open Source Barcode & QR Code Generator
198. Free and Open Source Backup and Sync Software
199. Free ASCII Art Generator for Windows
200. Best Free File Comparison Software – Part 2
201. Free Software to Encrypt, Hide or Lock Folders
202. All-In-One Comprehensive MD5 / SHA1 Hash Generator / Checksum Utility for Windows
203. XaoS – Unbelievable Fractals Generator
204. eSpeak – Open Source Text-To-Speech Synthesizer
205.  Speakonia – Excellent Free Text-To-Speech Software
206. Code::Blocks – Free Alternative to Visual C++
207. Free and Open Source Windows Registry Cleaner
208. 3 Free Software to Convert Photo to Pencil Sketch
209. Excellent Free Video Converter and Encoder for Windows
210. Best Free Firewall Software for Windows 7 & XP( 32 & 64-bit )
211. Apophysis – Amazing Free Fractal Generator Software
212. TinyCAD – Free and Lightweight Circuit Schematic Design Software
213. Best Free and Open Source Process Viewer / Explorer / Monitor / Manager
214. Turn Your Photo/Picture Into a Cartoon/Sketch/Oil Painting
215. Free Utility to Speed Up File Transfer
216. Listen Music In a Different Style- Slow Down or Speed Up, Change Pitch of MP3/CD with BestPractice
217. Best Free Mind Mapping Software
218. PWGen – Cool Open Source Random Password Generator
219. Free Open Source Bittorrent Client Software
220. Best Free Disk Imaging Software for Windows[ Acronis True Image Alternative ]
221. Block Specific URLs in Google Chrome Browser
222. Use Windows 7/XP ISO File or DVD to Create Bootable Install USB Drive
223. Free and Portable Folder Comparison and Synchronization Software
224. Amazing Free and Open Source File Manager[ Total Commander Alternative ]
225. Free and Simple Acronis True Image Alternative
226. Best Defrag Freeware for Windows 7 & XP
227. Best and Fastest Strategy to Defrag Hard Drive
228. How to Maintain and Verify the Integrity of Your Windows System Files
229. KACE – Free Virtual Disk Encryption Software
230. Best Online SHA-1 Generator & MD5 Hash Generator
231. Another Free Huge Text File Viewer
232. Zipeg – Free and Open Source RAR/ZIP Decompressor/Extractor for Mac and Windows
233. 3 Google Chrome Extensions to Generate MD5 & SHA-1 Hash
234. Free, Simple and Efficient File Compare Utility
235. Best Free File Comparison Software – Part 1
236. Best Free and Open Source Duplicate File Finder and Cleaner
237. 2 Free Command Line MD5/SHA1 Checksum Generators
238. Excellent Free Text File Compare Software
239. 5 Extensions to Customize/Change the Most Visited Sites to Your Own URLs in Google Chrome Start Page
240. 5 Ways to Generate Strong and Secure Password
241. Another Free Full-Function Text Editor[ UltraEdit Alternative ]
242. Excellent Portable Random Password Generator
243. OSFMount – Free Virtual CD/DVD Drive Emulator for Windows
244. Simple and Excellent Free Text Editor for Windows
245. How to Search Within Google Directory
246. A Handy Open Source Text Editor[ NotePad Alternative ]
247. 5 Ways to Change Background Color and Image of All Pages in Google Chrome
248. ClamAV – Portable and Open Source Antivirus Software for Windows and Linux
249. Free Software to Accelerate, Pause and Resume File Copying
250. Light, Free and Open Source Text Editor[ Notepad Alternative ]
251. ImDisk – Incredible Open Source Daemon Tools Alternative for Windows and FreeBSD
252. Free Superior Alternative to Daemon Tools for Windows
253. PDF reDirect – Free PDF Creator for Windows
254. Excellent Open Source Text Editor[ Alternative to UltraEdit / NotePad++ ]
255. Stunning Free UltraEdit Alternative[ Text Editor ]
256. Best Free UltraEdit Alternative[ Text Editor ]
257. LTFViewr – Great Free Large Text Viewer
258. Free DVD/Blu-ray Virtual Drive[ Daemon Tools Replacement ]
259. Disable Shutdown / Restart / Hibernation in Windows 7 & XP
260. Incredible Free Large Text File Viewer & Hexadecimal Editor & Memory Editor
261. Free Acronis True Image Alternative for Small Businesses[ Disk Imaging Software ]
262. Excellent Process Viewer & Active Network Connections Monitor
263. Best Free Folder Synchronization Software( Compare / Backup / Sync / Preview / Versioning )
264. Free Daemon Tools Alternative[ Virtual CD/DVD/Blu-ray Drive ]
265. Another Free Disk Image Software[ Acronis True Image Alternative ]
266. A Compact and Portable CD/DVD Burning Software
267. How to Create PDF from Word / Excel / Html / Web Pages
268. Open Source Clone of Duplicate Cleaner – the Best Duplicate File Finder Using MD5 / SHA-1 / SHA-256 Checksum Comparison
269. Capture Screenshot with Cursor / Mouse & Menu in it
270. Free Firefox Password Recovery Software for Windows 7 & XP
271. Minimize Chrome / FireFox / Safari / Opera / OutLook and Any Window to System Tray
272. Another Best Network Bandwidth Monitor Software
273. Freeware to Mount ISO as Virtual Drive[ Daemon Tools Alternative ]
274. Five Best Bandwidth Limiter/Shaper Software
275. 3 Portable and Convenient MD5 Checksum Generator
276. Amazing Virtual CD/DVD Drive Emulator[ Daemon Tools Alternative ]
277. Free Partition Resizer[ Partition Magic Alternative ]
278. Download Duplicate Cleaner 2.0 – The Latest Version of The Best Duplicate File Finder
279. Excellent MD5/SHA1 Hash Generator
280. Download Latest Stable Version of Google Chrome Standalone Installer
281. Resize Partition with Nice Free Partition Manager Software[ Partition Magic Alternative ]
282. Powerful Duplicate File Finder / Duplicate MP3 Finder / Duplicate Image Finder
283. Excellent Duplicate File Finder / Same File Remover & Deleter
284. Print to Professional Quality PDF with Free Software
285. Free Software to Fix Network Connection / Repair Internet Connection
286. Undelete Files with Free Data Recovery Software
287. Best Free Portable Antivirus Software for Windows
288. The Simplest Free Software to Mount ISO File as Virtual CD/DVD Drive[ Daemon Tools Alternative ]
289. Another Simple MD5 Hash Generator / MD5 Checker
290. How to Print to PDF with Free PDF Printer / Writer / Creator for Windows
291. Superb PDF Reader[ Adobe Reader / Foxit Reader Alternative ]
292. Excellent Free Daemon Tools Alternative for Windows 7/XP[ Virtual CD/DVD ]
293. Best Scientific Calculator for Professionals and Engineers
294. FreeMat – Free MATLAB Alternative
295. Recover Files From Crashed Hard Drive or Scratched CD/DVD
296. Simple and Reliable File Encryption Software for Windows 7 & XP
297. Cannot Connect To Internet But Can Ping / Chat After Virus Removal
298. Unable to Delete File or Folder, Error Deleting File or Folder, Cannot Delete File
299. Free Kaspersky Alternative[ Antivirus Software ]
300. Superior Free File Archiver Software[ WinZip/WinRar/7Zip Alternative ]
301. Free 3D Room Design Software Download( Windows, Mac )
302. Probably the Best Daemon Tools Alternative for Windows 7/XP[ Virtual CD/DVD ]
303. Freeware To Scan And Remove Duplicate Files For Windows
304. Excellent Free Data Recovery Software For Windows 7 & XP
305. Excellent Backup And Sync Software For Windows 7 & XP
306. Free Alternative To TrueCrypt For Windows 7 & XP[ Disk Encryption Software ]
307. 5 Best Free Active Network Connections Monitor for Windows
308. Detect system&registry changes with snapshot compare( Windows XP )
309. Unable to delete file? Unlock and force delete undeletable file with a few clicks in Windows 7
310. Best free duplicate file finder( same file remover ) based on MD5 comparison
311. Abakt – Another free backup software for Windows 7 & XP
312. Best Free Backup & Sync Software [ Acronis True Image & SyncBackPro alternative ]
313. Free alternative to WinZip / WinRAR for Windows 7 / XP
314. Best free traffic controller( bandwidth limiter ) software( Windows 7 / XP )
315. 3 freeware to make bootable USB drive from Windows XP / 7 setup & bart PE iso file
316. Adjust the color, glow, balance of Windows 7 Aero
317. FBackup – Free Backup Software for Windows 7 & XP
318. Build bootable USB drive for DiscWizard or Acronis True Image WD Edition
319. Free software to disable usb ports
320. Move and Encrypt Chrome user profile directory
321. TrueCrypt – Best Free Disk Encryption Software
322. Best Free Sticky Notes Software
323. Superior Free Sticky Notes Software for Windows 7 / XP
324. Shutdown or Restart Windows XP immediately
325. Backup / Imaging hard disk or partition with ETB[ Norton Ghost & Acronis True Image alternative ]
326. Partition image freeware for Windows[ Norton Ghost & Acronis True Image alternative ]
327. Best free post-it desktop notes software for Windows 7 / XP
328. 7 Best MD5 checker
329. Download Acronis Migrate Easy Free Version ( Intel SSD Only )
330. Best MD5 checker for Windows 7 / XP
331. Best pdf viewer for Windows 7 / XP[ Adobe reader alternative ]
332. Best bandwidth monitor freeware – monitor traffic in real time
333. True Burner – free CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning software for Windows 7( 32bit & 64bit )
334. Split file into multiple files with FFSJ
335. ZenOK is a free antivirus software for Windows XP / 7
336. Best Free Antivirus Software for Windows 7/XP
337. Download Acronis True Image Free Version
338. Minimize to tray – minimize any window( Chrome / FireFox / OutLook / Thunderbird / Skype ) to system tray
339. Amazing Free Partition Manager[ Partition Magic Alternative ]
340. FileVerifier++ – powerful MD5 checker software
341. Best MD5/SHA1 hash generator( Mac OS X & Windows 7 )
342. Compute and Verify the MD5/SHA1 hash value of a folder/directory with RekSFV
343. Full-featured Free File Sync Software
344. Free Open Source Folder Sync Software
345. Free Folder Synchronization software – Toucan
346. 5 Free DVD Ripper You Should Not Miss
347. Best freeware to record streaming audio[ sound recording software ]
348. Freeware to rip DVD to hard drive
349. NDR – another free dvd ripper software
350. Open, edit and save ico files in Photoshop
351. 3 Best file search software utility in Windows 7 / Windows XP
352. VidCoder is an alternative to handbrake[ DVD ripper freeware ]
353. HandBrake – Free DVD Ripping Software
354. DVD ripper freeware – DVDShrink
355. Winzip free alternative – PeaZip
356. Free disk image software – PBRFAE [ Norton Ghost & Acronis True Image alternative ]
357. IZArc is a freeware alternative to winzip | winrar | 7zip
358. Change file date | modify file creation date
359. HashOnClick is a free MD5 hash generator
360. Portable freeware to monitor folder for new files / for file changes
361. Excellent folder monitor freeware – W4F
362. File tagging freeware – TaggedFrog
363. Hott Notes is an alternative to stickies[ sticky note application ]
364. Free software to hide files/folders/directories on Windows 7/XP – WinMend
365. Free software to hide folders/directories on Windows 7/XP : EFL
366. Comodo Dragon Browser – the browser focus on simplicity and security
367. Outstanding CD Ripper freeware – extract audio CD to MP3 | OGG | WAV
368. Best free audio CD burner software
369. Best free partition magic alternative software for Windows 7/XP
370. Calculate and verify file checksum with WinMD5Sum
371. SyncToy is an uncomplicated and powerful backup and synchronization freeware[ freefilesync alternative ]
372. Make an encrypted USB flash drive with free USB encryption software
373. Extract CD to MP3 | WAV with the freeware EAC
374. Best CD Ripper freeware – extract audio from CD( CDA to WAV/MP3 )
375. RMVB Converter freeware – RMVB to MP4, RMVB to 3GP
376. PNotes – a powerful free sticky notes software
377. Free all-in-one 3GP/MP4/RMVB video converter
378. Hamster free video converter[ mp4 converter & 3gp converter]
379. ImgBurn – free CD/Blu-ray/DVD/HD DVD burning software for Windows 7
380. Compare files in two folders with MD5Summer
381. Best free spyware blocker software
382. Inscriptio – free CD/DVD recording software for Windows 7[ Nero alternative ]
383. Set any region of a window always on top easily
384. Set windows always on top easily with a pin
385. AmoK CD/DVD Burning – free DVD burner software[ Nero alternatives ]
386. StarBurn is a CD,DVD,Blu-Ray,HD-DVD burning software for free[ Nero alternatives ]
387. MemPad is an incredible Personal Information Manager software
388. 8 Best free CD/DVD burning software[ Nero alternatives ]
389. CDRTFE is an open source and free DVD burning software[ Nero alternative ]
390. Hanso Burner is a DVD burner software as alternative to Nero
391. Comodo Disk Encryption software is a reliable secure solution
392. DriveImage is an amazing free disk image software[ Acronis True Image & Norton Ghost alternative ]
393. FreeFileSync is the best backup and synchronization freeware
394. InfraRecorder is a free, simple and easy to use CD/DVD burning software[ nero alternative ]
395. CDBurnerXP is the best CD/DVD burning software[ nero alternative ]
396. What’s Running is an incredible process monitor
397. The fastest pdf reader in the world for Windows
398. SlimPDF Reader is another lightweight Adobe Reader alternative
399. Sumatra PDF Reader is a lightweight Adobe Reader alternative
400. Five best apple dock for windows[ Mac OS X style dockbar ]
401. 7 best free disk image software[ True Image & Norton Ghost alternative ]
402. 3 best mp3 editor freeware you MUST have
403. 6 diagnostics software you MUST have [hardware testing software]
404. 3 places to download Google Chrome full installation file
405. Download free Excel tutorials, Word tutorials composed by specialists
406. Place a sticky notes gadget on the desktop which syncs to Google docs [Windows 7 freeware]
407. Sculptris is a zbrush alternative freeware [3D modeling software]
408. 7-zip is the best freeware alternative to WinZip and WinRAR
409. ODIN is a freeware disk imager as alternative to norton ghost and acronis true image
410. WinMerge is an excellent text comparison tool
411. Ashampoo is an all-in-one DVD burning freeware as an alternative to Nero
412. Classic Shell Brings the old Explorer toolbar buttons back to Windows 7( cut, copy, paste, delete )
413. 1by1 is an incredible MP3 player
414. OFFLOAD is a creative p2p file sharing application
415. Manage your iPhone music library with PhoneAble on any computer
416. SHA1 hash generator:calculate MD5/SHA1 hashes of your files easily
417. Best disk space analyzer freeware
418. 3nity CD/DVD Burner is a free alternative to Nero [DVD burning software]

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